Pastor Sullano shares how his faith in God grew from one life situation to the next. His previous experiences of God's deliverances gave him faith to go through his open-heart surgery to correct congenital heart defect in his late thirties. He believes that God gave him a NEW HEART. He later named his son Heartwell--a gift from God. Lemuel Sullano's Brief Bio Master of Science in Patient Counseling - Virginia Commonwealth University, USA       Master of Public Health and a Master in Divinity - Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, Philippines    Currently works at DFW Filam SDA church at 3930 Carol Ln Arlington, TX. Sabbath School begins at 9:30 AM Midday service starts at 10:45 AM Visit for more information on CultivateurFaith Ministries and CultivateurFaith Podcast. Throy Campbell, PhD Founder of CultivateurFaith Ministries Host of CultivateurFaith Podcast You may support ultivateurFaith Ministries by purchasing one of these books by Throy Campbell, PhD: (1) Cultivating Your Faith: Being at One With Your God: Experiencing Restoration in Christ (2) Cultivating Faith: My Life Experiences